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What Sets Venga Apart

Easy to use

Click a name, click a room and go! It's so intuitive, you can train your staff to use it in less than 10 seconds.

Intuitive Design

The console is laid out to make communicating easy, discreet, and efficient. Simple enough for anyone to use, but versatile enough to expand as your office does.


Supports offices of many sizes. You can have few as two computers, or as many as 1000. Venga has no limit on the number of workstations supported or buttons displayed.

The most powerful communicator on the market today

Developed for state of the art practices with high patient flow, Venga is the most flexible, feature-rich communication software available today. It provides visual and audible paging and messaging signals. It streamlines your office, helping you communicate more clearly, more directly and even more discreetly than ever before.

So why use Venga when your practice management software already has a communicator? It's simply more efficient and less taxing on your team. With Venga, you're able to see a real-time view of your office at a glance; how many patients are waiting and for how long, what care providers are needed and where, what procedures are happening, etc. Venga gives you a complete view of your office at a glance.



Need someone to go somewhere? Send pages to any user at any workstation. Pages can even be spoken!


Send Secure Venga messages from your workstation to any other workstation in your office.


Send Messages to and from Venga to other Venga Users' cell phones.


Have staff members who work in multiple rooms? Zones allow you to hear pages and send messages to any room they might be in.

Messaging Icons

Messaging icons allow you to tell a staff member what they need to do when they get to a room.

Edge Lock

Lock Venga to the edge of your screen so that it will always be visible.

Secure Messaging
Need to send a message in a way that only the recipient can see? Venga can do that!

Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes allow you to type quick memos, set quick reminders for yourself, and even have them pop to the front of your screen at a specific time.

Tablet Compatible
Venga will run on any Microsoft Windows™ tablet.

Custom Colors and Sounds
Choose your own custom button colors, fonts, and sounds, or even upload your own!

No additional infrastructure needed!
Workstations communicate across your existing office network.

Excellent Support
We're available by phone, live chat, or email whenever you need us.

App Screenshots

Additional Features

Status Indicators
Know if someone has been active on their computer recently.
Button Differentiation
Add button decorations to show the user type, or allow for easier identification.
Split Pages
Page multiple people to the same room at the same time.
Icon Timers
Need someone to be paged later? Icon timers allow a specified amount of time to pass before the page sounds.
Snooze Button
The snooze button allows your staff to mute Venga when they are busy, or would rather not hear Venga pages.
Messaging Groups
Have groups of people whom you would like to be able to message at one time? Venga can do that!

Cost Effective

Special pricing for the
month of July!


per month, per computer, paid annually
(5% off monthly rate)

No Setup Fees

Paid Annually

3 Year price Guarantee

Includes Support and Updates



per computer, monthly

No Setup Fees

Paid Monthly

3 Year price Guarantee

Includes Support and Updates



per month, per computer, paid every two years
(10% off monthly rate)

No Setup Fees

Paid Every 2 Years

3 Year price Guarantee

Includes Support and Updates

System Requirements

  1. - Microsoft Windows Server™ 2012, 2016, 2019, or 2022
  2. - 200 MB Free Disk Space
  3. - 100 MB RAM (this can vary somewhat depending on the number of workstations connecting)
  1. - Microsoft Windows™ 7, 8, 10, or 11
  2. - 50 MB Free Disk Space
  3. - 20 MB RAM

We were overdue for a new software and WOW!" Venga is a great tool for an internal patient call system for our large dental practice. We use it across all departments (administrative, hygiene, assistants, & doctors). We can page for everything from the patient needing a financial, hygiene needing a block, a patient needing an exam, etc)

Sherry M.

Business Manager

Our experience has been phenomenal. Our doctors are even recommending it other professionals, which speaks volumes since this typically doesn't happen.

Kyle S

Office Manager & LDA

With over 40 computers in our practice, communication is critical. It's there when we need it and stays out of the way of our PM software

Dr. Paul Bothun

Grand Forks, ND

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Simple enough for anyone to use, but versatile enough to expand as your office does.

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